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Real Name:
Laura & Chasity
Birth Date:
Dec. 1, 1901
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Last Broadcast:
1 hour, 33 minutes
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    WE PREFER TO DO EVERYTHING IN PRIVATE SHOWS! Just the 3 of us, your control!

    We DO NOT Have nor use dick or dick shaped objects including strap-ons. We are Gay and absolutely love to feel each other, control each others bodies and orgasms. No toys are ever needed. We make love not sex. We do not play here just to get off, we play to enjoy each other, please each other. Something we extremely good at, and you are always welcome to watch, as we can always just shut off the cam, and enjoy each other alone, but tips is WHY you get to see it. Make it worth our while to continue sharing our sexual love by tipping.

    We are true lesbian couple. We met 5 yrs ago in a voluntary Therapy program and it was love at first sight. Life before that moment, ceased to exist and the reality of OUR LIVES HAD ZERO meaning until we met. We fucked on the 2nd date, We moved in together just 1 week later. We are STILL in the honeymoon faze 5 whole yrs later. We eat sleep work and play together 24/7. We're Absolutely addicted and obsessed with each others. There is absolutely NOTHING we can do wrong in each others eyes. We are so into each other, licking assholes or even eating each others snot is a treat to us. We may be sick, we may have needed therapy (Lol) We are extreme codependent. Reality is, we would truly D!E instantly if we lost the other. We find it hard to breath if we are apart for a simple 5 minute period.

    Chasity who is 25 and Laura who is 42! We've Been married and together for 5 years. We've worked on live cam and other fetish website for many years, we are not fresh meat, we're seasoned in sharing our love, and have always found such a positive response to how genuine and inviting it is to see an actual real couple. Rather then actors! I know if you sit back relax you will quickly see how much more intense we are then the traditional girls, because the love is real and intensifies our ability to climax and give our selves so freely. You have the real deal, passionate horny and ultra dirty little lesbian lovers and life partners. Watch and enjoy! Tips are always appreciated. We are here to share our love of two REAL lesbians. We love to be at your control. We love to thrill you and turn you on, but please do not hit on us. As we DO appreciate compliments and tips, we are not here for flirting or hooking up. Please respect each of us and our genuine loving marriage that we love to show off for your pleasure! We are an exhibitionist couple and LOVE to be watched! We are here to entertain, but not to be entertained. Two clits, four tits!!! Two chicks for the price of one! Can't get any better than that! more tips we see, the happier and naughtier we get! We both hope you enjoy what you see!!!

    We are a real lesbian couple, Two Sexy Women who are, life partners/soulmates. Meaning we ARE Very Happily Married, and live in a monogamous home. Heavily in love, ultra passionate. You will feel our affections and love radiating right through your screen. Being in a lesbian room, you will get the joy and pleasure of seeing real, live, authentic lesbians. Almost at YOUR control with a little bit of tips. We are laid back and easy going and SUPER into each other, so we will be delighted to share us for you and your enjoyment. It will be a turn off to us and we do not need to hear about your dick, what you want to do to us, and about toys. We do not use or enjoy toys. We are solely into each other and love to share what we have between us. You are pretty much in a lesbian paradise, just as long as you show some respect and tokens(even here and there) are even more appreciated. Every time we hear the tip ding, we get EVEN spicier.

  • 1. Yes, We are married (It's legal in all 50 states Now - if you didn't know you've been living under a rock) We are not 'friends' or 'business partners' we have rings on and each others names permanently tattooed on our body, not to mention a marriage license. End of discussion.
  • 2. NO we have never been with men, we are not interested in men. Lesbian Means we are NOT sexually attracted to men, but it does not mean we hate men (Don't stereo-type) Mentioning you dick, or what you think we need, is a instant turn off, and more then likely you will be banned.
  • 3. We are NEW to cb But we are NOT new to internet pornography and live cam. Don't try to manipulate, mind fuck or use us. We are not stupid.
  • 4. We will not hesitate to ban you. We are not here to be insulted or hit on. Examples of insults are: Basically if you can't say it to your mom don't say it to us.
  • 5. If you are not convinced of our love or marriage to bad, We don't care what you 'think. We're not going to spend any time away from what other customers came here for. Just sit back and watch, you'll figure it out.
  • 6. Don't single us out to hit on one or the other of us. It's rude. We're a married couple, and you are blessed that we are even here to share what other wise you wouldn't get to see.
  • 7. We are NOT Milfs, Mothers, nor have breast milk, Why? BECAUSE we have not been with men, meaning we do not have little ones. We don't want any either.
  • 8. Yes, there is an age difference but NO (you sick fuck) We are not related.
  • 9. Just calm the fuck down and enjoy! Stupid people ruin it for everyone.. sorry.